Monday, December 10, 2007

The Right Balance

As a full time working mom, getting the right balance between work and family can be quite a challenge. Especially as I found out, when you're on a mission to achieving financial freedom. Sometimes you have to sleep later than others, use the extra time in between work to carry out your mission and miss out on leisure activities at first. It is important that you persevere whatever the circumstances, get back up when you stumble, set up new strategies when reach a road block and all that. Who said it was easy to become financially free? The hard work you'd be putting in these first few years will definitely pay of once your money starts working hard for you. It's when you have a constant abundance of passive income that you can declare yourself financially free. By that time, you wouldn't have to work if you didn't want to and you'd have the leisurely time to spend as you wish. Now wouldn't that be ideal?

As for quality time with your family, it takes good time management, patience and some effort to strike the right balance. Sometimes when you are supposed to be spending time playing with your children, you may have your mind on work and don't give your family the attention they deserve. It's unfair to them and breeds dissatisfaction in the family. So plan your time. Allocate time for both your family and your (mission) work. Enjoy your family time when it comes and concentrate on your tasks during the time allocated specifically for that. Have faith that financial freedom awaits you and your family provided your efforts are constant and on-going.

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