Sunday, December 09, 2007

Financial Plannings

We took our son to the park today. We've decided to stay away from shopping malls for a while to avoid impulse buys during this coming holiday season. I for one have decided to take full control of my own finances. Harv Eker has inspired me to do this. And it's wonderful how when you start taking action, delightful surprises awaits you. Like just few days ago a colleague gave me a financial planner to easily budget my spendings and savings. My urge to spend has also slowly dissipated and it is being gradually replaced by the urge or need to save. I just love it! Whenever, I refrain myself from an impulse buy, it makes me feel more powerful where else before I would be restless and not stop thinking about buying a particular thing. I am planning my finances to pave my path to financial freedom! I feel great!!!

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