Thursday, December 13, 2007

New Web Update

I am currently working at setting up a more professional looking website using but with my own domain name and Ecommerce Mastering webhosting. The process is 70% completed. However, there are a few changes which needs to be made for the site to be more presentable. I must say that I first went about with the task thinking that it'll all be easy and just a piece of cake. However, I found out that I still had alot to learn since I'm not a technical person. I must take note to increase my knowledge in that particular area. I'm considering getting Gobala's Wordpress Adsense e-book kit. I hear he's got a package that can cut down one's learning curve in mastering wordpress. Plus he's got some great professional looking templates. Hmm.. very tempting..

Another reason why it's taking awhile for me to move on to my new dotcom site is because there's a part of me that's gonna miss this blogger site. But I must let go of this sentimental value thingy to move on!! Or maybe I can keep both blogs and have them running on different niches. Or make this blog a personal one for friends and the other one for more professional internet marketing purposes. Hmm.. that's an idea I can use. Aaahh.. things are starting to look bright already.

I actually already have a couple of entries posted on my new site. Hmmm.. should I take you to it? I'll be changing the theme in a while soon. But if you guys really want to take a look at it. I guess I can give you a peek. Ok, visit But I'm warning you, it's only in the initial stages. And yeah.. I could use some constructive comments. Please post the comments here if you have any. Would really appreaciate it! Thanks people. I really value your support.

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