Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Death of Network Marketing Review

The Death of Network Marketing Review
by Zamri Nanyan

The Death Of Network Marketing is an ebook by Mike Filsaime
and Ellie Drake. Ellie Drake is a successful network marketer,
while Mike Filsaime is a well-known internet marketer that
does not need an introduction anymore.

This 45-page pdf ebook is targeted to the people who are
involved in network marketing and also to those who are
curious about the industry. While you will not get an
introduction about network marketing from this ebook, you
will know some of the problems faced my network marketers
nowadays - especially network marketers who are still using
old methods to grow their network marketing team.

Ellie Drakes talks about her past experience about how network
marketing was done previously. In brief, she explained that
she had to do cold-calling, belly-to-belly meetings and
seminars alike. She explains that some of the leaders are
still doing that now but the wave is changing.

People are looking for easier ways to grow their network
marketing business and the old ways of doing network marketing
are dying. The attrition in the industry is high because what
people are looking for is not presented to them entirely - things
like how to get people look for them and how to use cutting-edge
internet tools to grow the business.

This is where the ebook talks more about using the internet
to do recruiting, training, coaching and more. You will see
some of the action steps suggested in the ebook such as
studying lead generation page, automated training, forming
online communities and a few others.

Although internet marketing can be powerful in the network
marketing industry, Ellie warns that high-touch connection
is equally important as well.

In case you are wondering what Mike Filsaime has to do with
network marketing (or NetWeb Marketing as it is mentioned in
the ebook), you can guess at the end of the pages as Ellie
mentions that Ellie and Mike are working on internet marketing
tools to help network marketers build their business much
more efficiently (do you smell another product promotion?)

The good news is that this ebook is free to download. For a
limited time, Mike is also giving commissions to those who
distribute the ebook to others.

In conclusion, this ebook can be an eye-opening for lots of
network marketers out there. And, I agree that you can't avoid
using the internet to build your network marketing business
nowadays. It's one of the BIGGEST reasons why I left my previous
network marketing company - they were not internet marketing
savvy enough while others company are pushing for automation
and more automation.

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