Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Wealth Files

'Secrets of the Millionaire Mind' by T. Harv Eker is by far the most brilliant book I've read this year! So much so that Harv's voice keeps playing over and over again in my head (despite me having never attended his seminar)! This goes to show how powerful his messages on wealth creation are. His words just resonates through me and I actually feel financially liberated. I can't recommend his book enough! I so want to attend his 'Millionaire Mind Course', I feel like writing to Harv inviting him to share his expertise right here in Malaysia!! Harv, you've made such an impact on me!!

That said, allow me to share the tip of the iceberg as to the secrets of the millionaire mind.

The first chapter of this book talks about your financial blueprints (as mentioned in my previous entry). Your financial blueprints are thoughts, ideas and beliefs on money that has been programmed into your mind while you were growing up. If you end up with a lousy financial blueprint, you can always undo it (undoing it is important as it determines your success in this area). Supposing your mind is a filing cabinet. Your financial blueprints are the files that get filled into these cabinets. Changing your blueprints means taking out the old and putting in new files. In his book, Harv provides you with new, more positive wealth files in order to help you achieve a millionaire mindset.

Now these wealth files come together with declarations and activities you must do to have a millionaire mind. I'll let you in on Wealth File #3 as I find it quite amusing. This particular wealth file talks about 'complaining'. According to Harv, "when you are complaining, you become a living, breathing 'crap' magnet" and "what you focus on, you expand". So complaining can do more damage to your financial success than you think. To help resolve this, Harv instructs us to do the following activity: for the next 7 days, go through each day without a single complaining whether out loud or in your mind. Doing this would really make a remarkable difference in your life. When you stop complaining, you start to view life in a more positive manner. You view the good side of things. And when you focus on the good things in life, you put your energy in it or to it and more of these good stuff start flowing into your life. Again let me repeat as Harv likes to do,"what you focus on, you expand".

I found the above exercise to be rather challenging as although I can manage the not complaining out loud part,quietening the mind is a task that takes some discipline. But I know I'll succeed in doing it for the rest of this week and for the rest of my life (as that's part of what it takes to become a millionaire!).

Now say it with me, "I am committed to taking the necessary actions to becoming a millionaire. I have a millionaire mind!!"

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