Friday, November 16, 2007

Success Package

Yay!! I've been waiting in anticipation for my Success University package and finally it has arrived! Tore the packaging open to find a folder containing the following:

1. Latest issue of EMPOWER magazine - featuring our fellow Singaporean SU leader, Jaz Lai (check out his blog)!

2. My Personal Development Plan

3. Further detailed complan explainations

4. SU brochures

5. And most importantly the following awesome CD/DVDs!!: Murphy's Committee, Jim Rohn's Building Your Network Marketing Business, Zig Ziglar on Excelling in the New Millenium, Dennis Waitley's Healthy, Wealthy and Wise - Acres of Diamonds and last but not least, Success Mastery Academy by Brian Tracy!!

I also managed to listen to my first Success University faculty call today. The guest speaker was Dr. Wayne Pickering and he spoke on 'How to Get Well Then Stay Well for Life'. Since nutrition is one of my favourite topics, I tuned in and listened intently, making notes of the important points (boy, it felt like I was back in uni - i miss those days!!)

Managed to gather a few newfound info which I'd like to share:

1. Dr. Wayne promotes healing and not curing. Healing is a natural process that your body goes through when you allow it to. Curing involves medication.

2. Fasting is the best way to regain your health back. Your body saves 70% of it's energy when fasting. It also eliminates fat and toxins.

3. Cancer cells thrive in acidic environment. Reduce intake of meat, poultry and dairy products. Take more fresh vegetables, fruits and grains as they are alkaline.

Ok, there's more to it but I can't recall it all since I didn't bring home my note book. Sorry people.. guess you'd just have to listen in yourself!:p


anamiraa said...

hi rina!
i lurveee jim rohn. have been subscribing his free e-zine since 2-3 years ago. from those i got to know Denis Waitley, Bob Proctor, Zig and the rest of the team. All these are the familiar faces in the book "The Secret".

I didn't know that Jim ROhn tutored Tony Robbin!

Actually tak ramai tau about Jim Rohn. I simply love him!

Rina Rashidi said...

Hi Ana! As for me, I didn't really get to know these great motivators until I joined Success University. When I read 'The Secret', it was only in passing and basically I just wanted to find out about its contents.

It looks like you're on the right track to success. I bet you already have a copy of 'The Twelve Pillars' (by Jim Rohn and Chris Widener). It's no wonder that you're full of vibrance and positive energy! You go Ana!!

anamiraa said...

yes i knew twelve pillars. tapi baca kat bookstore aje tak beli pun...hi hi hi..

yes i try to get motivated as often as i can previously, now it just a norm that i'm highly motivated. kalau tak motivated jadi tak normal ha ha ha

my best friend is a reiki master and i totally dig it when you mentioned about positive energy.

most of this thing is actually logic. good energy attract good energy. it's the law of nature. kadang2 hairan why some people just can't see it.

another thing i must mention here. one of my wish is totally the same as yours. the house with 6 rooms. i have the actual facade and floor plan laminated so i can see it, hold it, day in day out.

in my mind, i'm achieving this when i'm 35 years old. 4 years to go. impossible as it may seem, can't get it away from my system!

so lets just do this ok! you go get your dream and i go get mine.

gud luck to both of us (err.. who say luck have got anything to do with it?)

happy frying!

Rina Rashidi said...


I feel like buying you lunch!

I've been taught that if you wanna become successful, then you should always associate yourself with the right people. And you're absoulutely right, as mentioned in 'The Secret', "like attracts like"!

So yeah, I'm with you! May we both achieve our dreams!! You never know, we may end up becoming neighbours!

Also, I absolutely love alternatively medicine (aura, reiki, touch healing, crystal healing etc..).

anamiraa said...

that's exactly why i don't have many good friends. some people might even consider me as a snob! he he bukan apa.. just tak nak be around the wrong people. time is sooo preciouss.! i'm quite allergic to unproductive people!

Rina Rashidi said...

Hehe..same here. i have a few people in mind:p however, i wish i could help them (become more productive).That's why job delegation is so important. You want more poeple to benefit from the task. But then, that's a different matter altogether;p

anamiraa said...

we only can help people who want to be helped. but not many realise that they need help! try talking sense into these people and they will end up give you this 'macam-bagus-je-dia-ni' kind of stare..

Rina Rashidi said...

haha! I totally get you, ana!