Thursday, November 15, 2007

Valuable Characteristics

I am currently taking an achievement course at Success University called 'Your Goal Mind'. Our so-called 'e-lecturer' for that particular class is Cyndi McDonald. Day 3 into the class and I've learned how to identify what my principles in life are. I was made to list down characteristics that I value most in life and from there I had to choose my most important value, one that I do not compromise.

After much thought and contemplation, I discovered mine to be acceptance. Why 'acceptance'? I guess it stems back from past experiences growing up as an international child and constantly having to adapt to new situations. Like most of us, I crave to be accepted by the new group of people I join. Although now my life is pretty settled, the importance i put on that value has not diminished. I understand what new people to an organisation experience and go through. Unless you are the super friendly and extra warm type, trying to fit in can be a rather overwhelming experience that does not resolve overnight.

Other characteristics which I personally value are: passion, love, happiness and success.

So tell me, what about you?

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