Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hubby's New Interest

Hubby is really excited today. He just enrolled himself into a photography workshop which is going to be held for 2 days at Cheras this coming weekend. I am truly happy for him. Glad to see him all psyched up about the program:) He wants to turn photography into a profitable hobby. I sincerely hope he will see it through. I pray he'll be a success.

Whenever we are excited about something, there's this positive aura about us that surrounds our being. This so-called aura is a colorful bright color encircling our body. The happier and more positive our state of being, the brighter and bigger this circle of aura will be. And the bigger it becomes, the more opportunity it can reach out to as well as attract. I don't know whether you've seen what a person's aura looks like. It looks a bit like having a rainbow hanging all over you! If you go to Chinese shops selling crystals, a few would have aura photo services. Take an aura snap shot then have your aura analysed. Though not all will take the advise given by these aura analysts seriously, you can still get a kick out of discovering your own aura.

But then again, your aura does tend to change over time as you develop new skills, let go of old habits and find a new perspective in life. Talking about change, so does our personality. And the same goes for our dreams and goals. They evolve over time. My hubby used to be so into modifying cars. He's over that stage now and has moved on to photography (both are rather expensive hobbies, might I say). However, when it comes to personal development, it is a continuous journey we take on. Our paths may change and so will our areas of focus. But our quest for self-improvement is never-ending whether we realise it or not.

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