Monday, November 19, 2007

My New Companion - The Dictionary

For some reason, it seems that lately I cannot do without a dictionary by my side. After going through a few Personal Development materials, I've had words popping out of my head and onto the pages of my blog. I had to just look up the meaning right away to ensure that I am understanding those words correctly and using it right. Still, I have to practise alot more to perfect my writing.

I have always wanted to become an author. I guess that's another thing I will put down in my wish list: to become a world renown author. But what shall I write about? Personal Development? Or maybe issues on WAHM? That would be one area to tap into since there don't appear to be many in the local market. Yes, my next mission would be to interview successful Malaysian WAHMs and showcase them here to be an inspiration to other WAHM wannabees. It'll be great! I'll get the answers I'll need to move closer towards my goal AND I get to share those knowledge with the rest of my readers(just how many are there?).

I can do it!!


anamiraa said...

you think, therefore you are.

raggedyanne said...

count me in! hihihi, faithful readers of yours, and ur personal development entries :D

Rina Rashidi said...

Thanks ladies!! Truly appreciate your support! I read your blogs too - ana and anne;)