Thursday, November 22, 2007


I was sitting by myself at the dining table, thinking about how much of my parents' traits I'd inherited when a word came across my mind. It came to me when I started thinking about my father and how he is such a patient and generous man. How he takes such good care of my son when I drop him off at their place before work. That word which I'm referring to is: demure. I like the way the word sounds, "demure" which according to the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary (2004) means: "(of woman or a girl) behaving in a way that does not attract attention to herself or her body; quiet and serious..". So why did I think of the word, 'demure'? It certainly did not refer to my father since he's a 'man'. Did the word ring a bell cause i was actually referring to myself? Was I or am I still a demure young lady? Maybe so.. Both my parents are pretty conservative, so I can see where it's coming from.. Does being demure means you're boring, unattractive and plain? I don't think so. I guess it just means that you're a modest person who is unselfish and have good moral values.

To be successful in your pursuits of your life-time goals, what are the most desirable traits you can have? My personal opinion: being brave, strong-willed, have perseverance, being optimistic, visionary, creative, intelligent, resourceful, passionate.. and the list of positive traits just goes on and on.. wow.. so how do you develop these traits so that they become part of who you are? I've read many times that it's by surrounding yourself with people who already have these desirable traits. By doing this, if you don't have those traits already, they may just rub off you. You could also read inspirational books written by equally inspiring people and pretty soon you'd see these desirable characteristics being put into motion as you begin to accept the ideas behind these traits and turn it into your one shining personality.


anamiraa said...

i'm reading Zig Zigler's Over the Top now. WOuld like to share with you his recommended daily mantra:-

"I, (insert your name here), am an honest, intelligent, goal-directed, organized, responsible, committed, punctual individual. I am a highly motivated, optimistic, enthusiastic, positive, focused self-starter. I am a decisive, competent, disciplined, persistence, knowledgeable, creative, resourceful team player who makes good choices. I am an emotionally intelligent, confident believer and an extra-miler. I am energized, have great self-control and a healthy self-image, and manage myself well. These are the qualities of the winner I was born to be, and by using them everyday, I will maintain my momentum and have an employment security in a no-job-security world. They will also enable me to get more of the things money will buy and more of the things money won't buy."

You are want you believe!

Have fun conquering the world!!

Rina Rashidi said...

Thanks for sharing Ana! I'll be sure to use that mantra:)