Tuesday, October 09, 2007

To Save or To Splurge

I can't help myself sometimes.. I love shopping.. and if I have the money, I'd buy my heart's desire.. which is not good. i tend to buy on impulse.. one habit i must quit. i need to start saving more.. or put my money to better use.. budget is tight as it is. so why on earth did i sign up for a magazine subscription with that sales fellow who approached me at work? again, i couldn't help myself.. the offer was too good to resist - subscribe to one magazine and get two others free! so i could have bought them off the news stand seeing that i don't normally read each month's issue of a particular magazine. so again, why did i subscibe? apart of me tells me that it's for sharing with others.. like my family.. but deep down i know it's only to satisfy my desire. a desire to spend? how evil could that be??!

i must, i must, i must start SAVING!! or else.. find other sources of halal income.. which is what i've been seeking for quite some time now.. SAVE Money..otherwise work for MORE!!

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