Friday, October 19, 2007

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!!

Our family celebrated raya in Perak this year. The nite before raya was spent at hubby's home town, Teluk Intan. We'd reach there real late so we only had time for a late buka puasa dinner, then it was off to bed.

The next morning, first day of raya, the three us, me clad in red, hubby in blue and son, yellow (colour of the Malaysian flag) headed to Parit, hubby's late grandparents' place where we were to meet hubby's extended family. The day was spent visiting relatives around Parit. In the evening we prepared for a BBQ in the kampung house's backyard. My sister in-law makes great BBQ. I watched them prepare and helped around abit in between chasing after Hariz and babysitting my cousin in-laws 3 month old daughter, Rania Husna. She's much easier to look after then hariz, being the hyperactive boy he is.

The following day, after visiting relatives in Batu Gajah, we set of to Ayu's apartment in Proton City, Teluk Intan. On the way there, we stopped over at Mom in-law's sister's house which is in the same vacinity.

Proton City looked alot more developed then the last time we'd stopped over. the whole place was surrounded with luscious green scenery of the Banjaran Titiwangsa. hubby's mom had recently bought a semi-d house which overlooked a lovely, scenic park with a lake. the whole place was magnificent!! clean fresh air, beautifully designed homes, strategically located in a secure multicultural neighbour with fully equipped ammenities just around the corner...what more could you ask for?!! i personally adore the type e lakeside bungalows. they're a dream!! hopefully we could afford them in soon to come;)

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