Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Cooking Frenzy

It's about time I posted another entry. The holy month of Ramadhan is nearly coming to an end.. It's been a pretty busy month both at work and at home. Thank goodness for Pak Long's Madu Lebah Hutan (100% pure honey), it provides me with the energy I need to make it through a whole day of fasting. I've been taking it as a supplement even before the fasting month. and i've noticed some immediate difference in my energy level. It's great for digestion too (as observed by hubby - he takes the tongkat ali version).

I've been up extra early these past few days, cooking up a storm! Ok, not quite, but I've been making an effort to cook whatever I can get my hands on (whatever that's available in the refrigerator). This morning as well as the morning before, I'd prepare Dory fish marinated with plain salt and pepper, then fried with olive oil and accompanied by lemon and butter gravy. Apart from that, I successful made delicious chicken soup (using leftover chicken scrapes) as well as chinese mushroom soup (with garlic, cabbage and baby tomatoes). Also last weekend, i made Hariz chicken rice porridge with yellow lentils, mix vege and potatoes. I'm happy to say, both my hubby and son love my dishes! Hehe..I'm so excited about this newfound skill that I plan to cook every single day! Hooray!! I can finally tick of " Become a fabulous cook" from my wish list!!;) (i decide how fabulous a cook i wanna be)!

I know, I really should post pictures in this blog. But I blog at work (when all official duties are completed, that is) and all my photos are at home. haha..that's just an excuse. I'll make an effort next time, ok..

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