Friday, November 02, 2007

A Niche..

I really should start finding a niche for this blog. Or should I let it remain as just an online journal? But then ofcourse i have a niche! i am blogging about my journey towards financial independence or so i think.. oh well..

I've been visiting zamri nanyan's blog quite alot lately. the reason being becuz i keep getting e-mail (which he's automated) daily from him on reasons to join Success University. I'm still pondering about whether to join. I'm sure I'll benefit from all the online lessons and personal development info from world class speakers. and i would love to follow zamri's success model. him and irfan khairi. hey, what about women internetpreneurs? oh yes, how could i forget, many to model after -, momslittleones, miabambina.. all of which are e-shops i frequent, all run by inspiring malaysian women!! and hopefully, God-willing I'll be one of those successful women one of these days! InsyaAllah..

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