Monday, September 17, 2007

Natural Parenting

Wouldn't it be fantastic if i could practise natural parenting?! it would start from pregnancy and childbirth using hypnobirthing method, then when the child's out in the world, breastfeeding and cloth diapering..when he's ready for solids, home cooked baby puree it is.. then comes home schooling... aahh..if a mother can do that and the mother is me, i would definitely be the happiest. ofcourse, it would not all be plain sailing.. especially when it comes to implementing it on your first born.. and especialy when ur a working mom. oh how i wish i could become a WAHM!!

if u must know, i have done a few of the above.. tried hypnobirthing successfully until right before birth.. breastfed fully until intervention from the people who ate salt first.. bought a cookbook with recipes for babies but end up too tired (or plain lazy) to cook (cook occasionally for now).. now am trying to cloth diaper my son with what looks to be a good beginning.. next, homeschoolong? must get more inspiration from mamafiza;)


mom2Que said...

Hi, bumped your site while surfing. Just wanna say hi... :P

Rina Rashidi said...

Hi mom2que (moli right?)!! thanks for dropping by! visited your cute e-shop just now and i must say it's a great start!! as i am on the same plane as you are,(being a FTWM who yearns to become a WAHM)i'm planning to set-up something similar too but with different lines of product! hope u don't mind me linking your site to mine!