Thursday, September 27, 2007


I truly admire Dr. Irfan Khairi, regardless of what my hubby says. His success is phenomenal! And his willingness to guide others to achieve the same kind of success shows the positive spirit that he carries with him. kaizen is a term mentioned in one of his earlier daily 'one minute tips'. for those unfamiliar with this term, it means to improve yourself a little at a time.. to become a better person day by day.. a concept that is well taught in Islam as well.

so what sort of kaizen steps have i taken today? hmm.. i've managed to complete a good number of paper work.. my desk looks pretty neat as of now compared to the heaps of files i had on a few days ago. so i am achieving something at work, in terms of completing my tasks. what about self improvement? i could really use some help financial wise. i'm always talking about setting up my own e-biz but never getting around to doing it. each time i manage to free myself from mothering responsibilities at home, i waste it by surfing other not so relevant websites.. so how to be kaizen in terms of that?

solve financial issues by: 1. spending less 2. avoiding impulse buys (i do this alot of times with clothes and books) 3. saving more 4. finding other sources of income

other sources of income in planning: 1. sell muslimah swimsuits 2. sell unused items at ebay and carboot sale 3. sell cloth diapers 4. pay per post 5. ...


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