Monday, September 17, 2007

Cloth Diapers!!

Yay!! I've finally hopped on board! not that my son is fully cloth diapered yet.. i hve yet to convince my mom on how easy it is these days with all the innovative designs available in the market. one of my fave cloth diaper site is mia bambina run by sandra from KK. love her site and blog as they are filled with pics of her daughter wearing assorted line of cloth diapers. i can't believe the variety available in the market. and to think that i was unaware of it until now. must thank the mommies at too for leading me to the link.

last week, i bought a trial pack of freshbots cloth diapers (CD). i chose freshbots cuz i found out that a distributor/retailer (really, what's the correct term?) lives near by. i asked to see the samples first and i was instantly hooked!! the material is so lovely and soft.

just yesterday, my son had nappy rash from wearing a new brand of disposables. so i changed him to a CD for the night and in the morning, the rash is gone! so voila!! and no leakage whatsoever! for now i'll be wearing CD on my son for night time only.. until my next pay ofcourse.. then, i'll order some gorgeous looking ones from sandra's miabambina site. i can't wait!!

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Sandra@miabambina said...

Thanks for your comment on my e-store! :) so how is everything doing ?Hope your journey on cloth diaper is great!
anything please just email me.
Selamat hari raya by the way!