Sunday, September 30, 2007

Melissa & Doug

It's the weekends again! Time flies so fast. It's time for house cleaning, marketing and shopping again;p We headed for MidValley yesterday at noon after picking up Hariz's stuff at IJN. As usual the parking area is congested and i bet nearly everyone was scowling if not swearing/complaining about the lack of parking spaces. i mean, i don't get it, we always manage to find good parking spaces at KLCC no matter how crowded the place is. But not MidValley. Each time we go there, we vow not to ever return, however there is this weak spot in us which tempts us back.. and yesterday was no different. hubby wanted to redempt items from RealRewards but to his disappointment discovered that they've relocated. I wanted to buy Hariz an educational toy using the RM25 Toys r Us voucher i received earlier, and i did succeed in getting him something wonderful. It's Melissa & Doug music set which has 10 pieces of instrument - made to last a life it says..or am i wrongly quoting it.. regardless, it's a lovely, charming box of instruments even my hubby and i could play with - as was demonstrated by hubby while driving. so now we have a tamborine, a triangle, a shaker, a cymbal? and another piece which i shall call the scratcher:D

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