Tuesday, July 24, 2007

the real secret

After reading the Secret and now reading a self-enrichment book by the author of Chicken Soup for the Soul series, i want to more than anything to be able to work from home. As advised in the Secret, my husband and i have put up a visual board to stick or write down our dreams and goals. That being the first step to realising ones vision. Because all dreams are achievable. For what the mind can perceive, it can achieve. The next step is to believe that what we asked for or wish for is making it's way to us. When we pray to Allah s.w.t. we have faith that Allah the Al-Mighty will listen to our prayers. Ask and He will give. Provided that it is in line with Islamic teachings. Then according to the author of the Secret, we should make believe that we are actually living this dream of ours now. and i guess this actually works. eg. act confident and u will soon start feeling confidence.. pretend that you are unwell and you will start feeling weak.. so whatever it is that u desire, act the part.

In achieving ones dreams, it is also important to regard others in a positive light no matter how they treat us. because like attracts like. if you treat people unrightfully, then you will most probably end up being treated the same way by some other people. treat nature with respect. respect everyone. send out loving energy to every one you know or meet. be grateful for what you have now. do charity. donate more...

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