Friday, June 29, 2007

we've moved!

i'm back to blogging again! the delay in updating is due to our moving homes from usj to tmn sepakat. and also due to us not having a PC+internet connection at our current home. so i've resorted to blogging at work. i'm planning to buy a work station soon. still deciding between HP, Accer and Dell. Dell's online offer looks irresistible. must discuss with hubby first. i often get told off for making rash decisions without consulting him. so i must remember this to maintain harmony in our relationship.

our apartment as of now looks lovely. furnished with all the items we bought while staying at usj. some will say it looks like an ikea show room. but cofy enough without being too commercial.

we've also managed to make some arrangements with regards to independent living. since previously we've depended alot on our parents for support, now we're learning to live on our own. and so far so good if not for the occasional squibbles.

i've also taken to driving my hubby's punto. it's plain sailing for me. auto, compact and real fast! hehe.. but i need my own car soon. at the moment am still borrowing the iswara from my dad.

hariz will also be sent to the nursery at my office starting 1 july 2007. hope he'll adjust well and get along with the babysitter as well as other kids. i can also go down to check on hariz and give him feeds.

and next, to carry out our biggest project yet.. a shift from work at office to work at home!!

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