Tuesday, July 24, 2007

continued..mission and vision..

..we can be whatever it is that we want to be.. sit down, close your eyes and think a minute.. what is it that you really want to achieve in life.. what is your real mission in this world. what are you passionate about... if you're stuck in a rut, ask yourself why.. is it because you are not following your dreams..fulfilling your desires.. what are your financial, career, family and personal goals?? Those are the few questions which i have been asked.

many of us have been conditioned by our parents, teachers and the society to follow their way, their dreams of how we should be, what we should be.. but as child we knew what we want.. if you watch babies, each baby being the unique being they are will gravitate towards different toys, objects, according to their interest. as a child, i've always been interested in children younger than me.. i always saw myself as a kindergarden teacher. but others took that dream away from me.. they say, why teach kindergarten when you have an honours degree. they say it's shameful.. but i don't just want to teach children.. i know what my mission now is.. it is to make this world a better place for children to live in. that takes me to the state of our child care service in Malaysia. so much improvement to be made in that area..

so i am now thinking of my vision and mission. the how will soon come to me.. insyaAllah..

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