Sunday, June 18, 2006


Visited Rita Rahayu(from MomsLittleOne)'s home today. The plan was just to view the Halford carseat she sold from her online shop. We clearly had no intention to buy it then as i was low on cash. In the end, we ended up bringin home the car seat and a whole lot more - a sarong sling, nursing tops (My Lovely Closet), nursing bras (Fabulous Mom) and a Coleman Cool Bag!! and Rita's so trusting and understanding, she's letting me postpone the payment until payday next week!! She gave me additional items FOC too.. And for all that, I must reccomend her to all mommies out there! Visit her e-shop at and you'll find so many lovely, irresistible treasures! Thanks again Rita;)


Sherin Almashor said...

Az, Rita Rahayu is a friend of mine. We did A-Levels together.:) I call her 'Uchu'.. She's very nice!

azrina said...

Really Sherin?! What a small world!:D Do you still keep in touch with her? She's like the IT Manager at Telekom. What with her e-biz doing so well, I can't believe she's still working (outside home).

Sherin Almashor said...

I met her again last year at a mutual friend daughter's bday party. Yes, I know she's doing so well and she actually prefers to work from home. The thing is she was a Telekom scholar so they have a 7 year contract to work once you've garduated. I was lucky. I was a TNB scholar but TNB didn't have a job for me so I went to work elsewhere.:)