Sunday, June 18, 2006

Too Fast Too Furious: Tokyo Drift

After our fruitful shopping spree at Rita's place, we headed over to Mines Wonderland for lunch and as planned earlier, to catch a movie. Hubby loves watching adrenaline pumping movies involving cars. So Too Fast Too Furious it was! My baby in the womb was kicking throughout the movie. Not sure whether that's a positive sign or not. Baby tak suka ye.. cerita tu bising bunyi engine kereta kuat?

But I must say I enjoyed the movie as much as i did watching Initial D. If only they'd lower the volume it would have been a more comfortable watch. I can imagine myself approaching one of the movie attendants, "Adik, boleh tak tlg perlahankan volume.. kuat sgt lah.. kesian baby akak..".. Heehee! Bo layan la akak ni.. sape suruh tgk tgh2 sarat mengandung tu.. kang bersalin kat panggung wayang..sape nak sambut?! Well..if that were to happen, at least my son would have the privilege to acquire lifetime free movie passes!!:p