Tuesday, April 18, 2006

step 1 towards liberty

Reading Nazihah's blog left me wanting to travel the world like before.Ofcourse, at the moment in my current position (pregnancy-related and financial wise), it's practically impossible.

I have to find a way out (out of this dead-end life i'm living). I really have to... The first step is to move to Subang. But there are a few things that needs to be done before the move:

1. Furnish Kitchen
2. Replace missing window slates
3. Shorten fan rod
4. Add corridoor lights
5. Buy dining table
6. Invite relatives over for doa selamat
7. Acquire doa/ayat pelindung for the whole house

and voila, the house is livable!

and that's just the first step... ofcourse, i've done my part in furnishing the house (bedroom, living room, lights, fans, grills. so now it's my other half's turn to fork out. still, i'm thinking about paying off the huge water bill our previous tennant didn't settle. bless them for running off like that! my worry is that they'll cut off our water supply if i don't act soon.

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