Saturday, April 15, 2006

E-Myth Mastery

Dad brought home a pile of books he borrowed from his office library for his Ph. D research. To my delight, an E-Myth book was among them! i don't think dad realises he had borrowed a book in the business category. he's researching on leadership and this book touches on the business aspect of leadership. I was eyeing "E-Myth Revisited' at MPH which is an earlier edition. SO whoopy!

i had been reading and scanning thru this book during my rest. The ideas are very valuable. For example, the author talks about passion and vision - two of the most important elements a successful entrepreneur needs to have to build a world class company. Passion is what keeps the fire alive and the wheels moving. We all have the hidden passion in us which emerges at the least suspected moments. knowing how to channel this passion into realising our vision is what becoming an entrepreneur is about.

I do know where my passion lies. I can see my vision becoming reality. It's only a matter of time...

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