Sunday, April 23, 2006

last day of hypnobirthing class

completed our hypnobirthing class yesterday. learnt about breastfeeding, parenting and even before that, watched a really amazing water-birth video from russia. birth is such a beautiful process.. i am really going to practise hard and prepare well for the birth of my baby.

also bought 'a child is born' (very old version. i've always wanted this book! it costs more than RM80 at MPH and i got it for only RM15 at Pay Less Books. i'll be making more trips there (summit) to acquire similar books (baby development).

my whole body feels so heavy this morning. i was up with hubby watching smallville downloads last nite. we must have slept around two. i should just go back to sleep. but my mind is alert. and i have so much reading (for pleasure) to do, might as well get on with it. no time during working days..

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