Friday, April 14, 2006


I've been resting at home for the past 3 days. I've been spotting again and this time it feels more like period pain. Could it be that I'm having my period even during pregnancy? The doc can't determine the actual cause. And i hate getting scans and internal examinations done. Went thru it all last wednesday anyway. boy, i'm glad i've booked into an-nur. not sure i can stand being in the government hospital's delivery room (even if it's in Putrajaya). all i can say is that they treat u as if ur a nuisance and not a healthy mother about to give birth.

Mdm Soo's right, birthing mothers should not be treated as patients. They should be treated with respect as it is a holy role they're playing, bringing a child into this world. Doctors shouldn't deliver babies other than their own. Delivering is the mothers' job and docs should just be a bystander on guard for any emergency precedures which rarely arises. Birthing comes naturally for women. it's just something that we do. only that over the past hundreds of years, medical interventions have made it seem otherwise.

Giving birth is not supposed to hurt. Even when i've been spotting and i felt some discomfort, i wouldn't label it as pain.. attending hypnobirthing class has helped me understand this better.


angah said...

have a good rest ya...

agree with you, birthing mothers are not sick..alhamdulillah my experience giving birth at govt hosp was good. next baby.. private I guess..

azrina said...

thanks angah! are u planning on getting pregnant any time soon;)