Monday, April 10, 2006

dream book

i think i'm going to start a dream book today. it's kind of like a wish list but more detailed and desriptive so that i can see in my mind's eyes my dreams actualizing. the sooner i achieve my dreams/goals, the more ideal. but like they always say, everything has it's time and place. when the timing is perfect, it all unfolds easily and smoothly..

heheh..i'm listening to my hypnobirthing affirmation cd while typing this. that explains my tone..

1 comment:

Esther said...

Hi Azrina,
Nice to meet u and read ur blog! It is
possible that i borrow the hypnobirthing
affirmation and rainbow cd from u? or i can buy the book n cd set from u? MPH there hv this book but without the rainbow cd.Thanks a lot and hv a nice day!

With Love,