Monday, May 01, 2006

family, home and new reading..

Dropped by sherin's blog a moment ago. i love the way she describes her family so lovingly. for some reason, it's made realise how unappreciative i can be of my well as the new family i married into.

went to hubby's aunt's place for a bbq with his relatives. i was so exhausted before going as we had been gardening the whole morning (i personally tended to the nasty weeds, plucking them out in bunches. my palms' are still sore..).. thought i'd persuade hubby into not going but i didn't have the heart. i knew how much he looked forward to seeing his relatives each time. unlike me... i prefer being around my nuclear folks (resulting from past bad experiences visiting relatives at kampungs). after this, i vow to make myself more accepting of others.

our house in subang is nearly complete. hubby installed a ventilator last saturday so the house feels more airy. we slept there for the first time last saturday nite. ayu came over to accompany us since the house had been vacant for 5 months. next week i'll get a bottle of salt, pepper and asam jawa for the house. mama says it's for keeping away negative influences and to make the house more 'safe'.

i'm half way through reading "Queen of Dreams'. i love books with mystical influences. i guess it's just somthing i can relate to..

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Sherin Almashor said...

Thanks for reading my blog and saying such nice things about it. Shy la...

You maintain a good one too, an honest one.. It's good this way.

Take care my friend..