Friday, February 10, 2006

today's news

today was rather interesting. had exm meeting first thing in the morning (i handle exms, remember). i only ordered mineral water for the panels but due to someone else's misinformation, ended up with nasi lemak, kuih and hot drinks. so we had plenty to eat! see, sometimes another person's mistake is another's gain!

ok so.. i had been planning to go home for lunch since it's a long lunch break on fridays. and also cuz mama and abah are supposed to go to kuantan for abah's meeting. and i thought i should see them before they go off since mama usually has a few reminders for me and a list of tasks to complete while she's away (verbal list). so i told a colleague i'm headed home and may be back in office late - around 3pm or so. in the end it rained so hard, mama thought she'd felt better fo me to just stay home than fight the storm. so that was that. my parents left for kuantan. an hour later, they called saying that my dad's boss is critically ill and the meeting's been cancelled. so now they are on the way home. they've reached as far as gombak before receiving the news and were forced to turn around. now they are stuck in a massive jam it seems (after work rush hour).

also, my brother amir who is supposed to be accompanying me (cuz i hate being alone) just shot off to his friend's place not bothering to carry an umbrella. so what if he doesn't mind getting wet. it's still raining... i called my bro just now and he won't pick up his mobile cuz he knows i'm calling to yell at him to come home.

minutes before my parents' called with the good news (good for me at least cuz i need company), i had been trying to reach hubby who is returning from his one-week duty in kuala kangsar. i called a couple of times but he didn't pick up. when he finally did, he told me he didn't hear it ring. (probably the rain drowning the ringing) and that he was in tapah, stopping over for prayers. i had told him to hurry home cuz i was all alone except for the baby. he said that he'll get back as fast as he can without getting a fine (speed traps a plenty on those roads). so i said ok, and hung up.

so now i'm retelling all these because that's all i feel like doing... i hate being alone. it makes me paranoid and i can't help but keep busy to keep my mind off nasty things.

baby..(pat-pat)..we'll be alright, just the two of us. for a momment, at least..
it won't be long before they're all home and we'll be a complete family again:)

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