Tuesday, February 07, 2006


hectic day at work... i'm glad too.. too bad i got the report done in record time. i spent the last hour at work playing sudoku. i just love it! it's so addictive! which reminds me, i have to complete a sudoku competion form online. so tera!

ps. hubby's in kuala kangsar.. funny how i miss him so bad when he's away but hardly when he's around (well duh!).. baby miss daddy too. baby's been giving mommy hard kicks. it tickles! but i love it!!


Anonymous said...


thanx 4 the comments.. i like blogging coz i can xpress my thoughts. im a bit conservative in nature, blog is a prefect way..


angah said...

I miss my hubby too :(

azrina said...

it's tough when our job takes us away from each other (all temporary arrangements).