Friday, February 10, 2006

sudden break down

can u guess why my dad's boss is in a critical condition all of a sudden? i don't know the cause myself. but at home, my dad was telling me they had just finished a meeting. they were all seating down to eat when all of a sudden, the boss slipped out of his chair, unconscious. he had collapsed. a break down it seems. he was all pale and his breathing were heavy. a few men helped to carry him into the car to take him to his wife who is a doc at the nearby hospital (how convenient).

but poor guy.. dad says, it's all the stress of work taking a toll on him. i say it's caused by being stuck in a job u don't enjoy. haha..i know, i am always blaming it on 'that'..

but i don't want to have to go through that suffering. that's why i take it easy at work. when i had announced to my dad earlier this morning that i'm coming home for lunch, he had this "accusing look" on his face. and mama, my dear mother cheerfully returned with, "na boleh half-day?". so in the end, it was mama who suggested i not return to work for the day. good ol' mum. i love u!

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