Friday, January 13, 2006


it's friday..TGIF as my dad likes to put it. again, it's a beautiful day. too bad i'm stuck in-doors. wish i could do something fun during the long lunch break. called sue just now but it seems she's in a meeting and unable to attend to my matter. i am really hoping that she'd be free this afternoon. haven't seen her in a while. we have so much gossip to catch up on! boy, i sure do miss my days at upm. those were the best! ironically though i managed to turn down dr rozumah's offer to make me her RA. guess i just didn't want to ruin my good feelings and memories about the place. it's very well to study at uni but to work there slaving away long hours even on weekends? naaahh.. not my style (as hubby would say.)!

ok, better sign off. i haven't done anything constructive since 8.30am. better get on with something as so not to drown in guilt. can i help it if there's not much work? i know, i'll write out a menu of all the meals i'll cook for hubby once we move into our new home this coming june. hmm...that should fill my time. oh yeah, i can correct that scholarship report written by unknown author in horrid english.. i just know they'd be grateful (yeah right!).

and hakim, where is hakim? and fadhilah and fateen.. alin.. where are they when i need to hear news from them???!

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