Sunday, January 15, 2006

Baby Saves Trees

Visited abg emi and k. connie yesterday (hubby's sibblings). That was refreshing.. Both couples have a son and daughter each and they're all hyper! Abg emi's youngest is called Tuah Iskandar and he's just so adorable - big head with soft wispy curls on top (he looks cartoonish even! heheh). Well apparently Little Tuah seems to have this fascination with plants. according to k.sha (he's mom) he'll touch any plants he comes across and admire them. and when it comes to huge trees, he'll just gaze up and say, 'Wow...'. I mean, have you ever came across a plant-loving 2 year-old??!! a 2-year-old who appreciates plants enough to pause and admire them?! well this is my first.

when we went over to k.connie's house for dinner that night, Tuah headed for the plants in the balcony and took hold of the branches. he held on to it as if trying to absorb the plant's aura! it was a sight to behold! i should have taken a photo!! after like 5 minutes or so, he let go and charged towards another potted plant! heheh.. goodness, Tuah will sure make a fine hortuculturist one day;)

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