Friday, January 27, 2006

internet millionaire

irfan khairi.. what a man! irfan, if you ever come across my blog, i'd like to thank you personally for being an inspiration. i bought your book just yesterday and it's well up to my expectations! i'll be attending one of your workshops soon, hopefully. my hubby and i, we'll be following your footsteps;)

it's kinda funny. i bought irfan k's book as a pressie for my hubby. he has plans of venturing into internet business and i thought it'd be the perfect gift. however, his first reaction was not quite so encouraging. he said (translated and edited), "I am not reading a book written by some smart alec!" it was only after much coaxing did he come to his senses and he's promised to read the book whole.

irfan khairi.. why hadn't i come across him before? could it be that i've been too ignorant to notice. yeah well, i hardly ever read the news (personal reasons - no explainations needed)... it was only when my support staff pointed him out that i decided to read on him. and now i'm hooked! internet biz is the way to go!!

but what biz? i've been up half the nite thinking it over but managed to conjure up nothing except for old ideas of selling DIY crystal bracelets. but have to do a market survey to decide whether there are actually potential customers. except, i don't know how.. so irfan, help me..

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