Thursday, January 26, 2006

My daddy's lifelong career

Abah sent me to work today. he'd come back late last night from a function. so he was telling me how tiring it is working all those hours and weekends even. that's how his working life has been all along. busy, busy, busy... he tells me it's tough. but what he's not telling me is that he's doing it for the sake of all of us. as the family bread winner, it is his responsibility. and the fact that i take work so lightly annoys him most times, even though he doesn't show it, i can tell.

i've always been sensitised towards emotions (others' and my own). and more so after studying inner power and doing aura work. it's not much of a good thing because it means being able to absorb other's not-so-friendly vibes. so i try to create this imaginary bubble around me as a protection. but at times, it's inevitable though i try to keep it to a minimum.

the office is buzzing with chit-chats and hot debates. infact, there's one going on in my room right now on the other side of the partition. i'm trying not to eavesdrop but it's impossible not to catch bits and pieces, and i'm tempted to put the pieces together to make sense of it.

hehehe.. i really have nothing to do.. i'm so bored.. it makes no difference whether i'm at work or at home.. i was on leave for a couple of days due to a terrible ache on the whole left side of my body. so i spent the whole two days in front of the telly watching blockbuster movies...yawn.. now at work, i've been surfing the net for hours..and yawn.. boring.. it's not fair.. hubby loves his job and enjoys every moment. he teaches computer scince to teachers at schools. it's what he's good at. so naturally he'd enjoy it. i'm happy for him, i really am.. hopefully his company will be tying the contract with the gov for many more years and he can be promoted into a position which will allow him to support our new family well.

like i said, one more year, hopefully....

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