Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Baby is gettin bigger..or rather, his placenta is.. i've outgrown even my baggiest jeans so i have to resort to wearing my bro's size 29 while my maternity jeans are in the wash (expensive - can only afford a pair).

Went to IKEA yesterday and took photos with my new Lumix digicam (purchased the day before) only to realise that we weren't supposed to!! oh gee.. felt so bad.. but the pics look fab, mind you.. and it's only as a reminder of what to buy before we move into our apartment in May. so pls don't be mad, Ikea ppl... i promise i won't do it again.. promise..

the day before yesterday, hubby and i were vacationing with his family in Cameron Highland. Enjoyed the cool, fresh air as the sun set.. not enough breeze by day, though. it was unfortunate that i had to suffer terrible pain on the whole left side of my body, waist down. i suspect it's my baby hanging onto my butt bones. but it's ok hunny, mummy doesn't mind as long as ur healthy and cheery. after all, i'm only carrying u around my insides for 9 months.. now, i expect you to be a good baby once ur out seeing the world ok;)

my mother-in-law thinks i should speak more to my baby.. tell him what i expect of hopes and dreams for him.. read to him Quranic verses daily.. he's listening, even though he may not fully comprehend.. i love my baby!

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