Monday, December 12, 2005

The Unsuitable Job

I have to go back to work tomorrow and i really don't want to.. wish i can take a whole year of paid leave (now that's wishful thinking). i don't want to go back to my desk job ever!!! why are they making me do this? it totally, utterly stinks.. i need to rest.. my baby wants me to rest. i can't drive, stand nor sit for long hours, i can't stress and i need more sleep.. i need a holiday.. one longer than this.. i want to quit this job altogether.. never wanted it in the first place.. i want to be a free woman.. i want to become a certified freelance translator, a healer, a crystal expert, the owner of a successful healing centre. i want all that.. i am not selfish.. my wants are not only for me.. i just want to be more useful to the society.. be independent from wages.. be a happier and more fulfilled being. is that too much to ask? by december 2006.. i'm outta this service!!

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