Tuesday, December 20, 2005


my tummy looks bigger today than it was yesterday. then again, it's supposed to be that way. the fact that i just had lunch also contributes to it. but i'm liking the way it looks. i look more pregnant now, in an elegant sort of way.. why do i say that? cuz i've got the good fats in all the right places.. hehehe.. i guess it's true what i hear about pregnant women being sexy.

i've been on leave from work for nearly a week already and i'm enjoying it terribly. all i do is wake up, pray, eat, go about toilet business, watch tv, surf the internet, sleep and sleep some more. it's exactly what the doc asked for! and i know my baby's thanking me for it. when i rest, he rests and we both need plenty of it. however, i shall take note to cut down on watching suspense movies.. i don't know why i end up watching them, i mean i never used to. it's just that when i get caught on the adrenaline rush, i'm glued to the screen till the end of it.

also, alot of the stuff i watch on tv makes me emotional. i cry when i watch oprah, america's nxt top model, christmas movies, love stories and family movies.. when the characters get emotional, i get all weepy myself. thank goodness i watch them on my own..

my dad got awarded the KMN today. so my parents were up early and the whole house smelled of expensive perfumes. i watched my parents get ready and felt like i was 10 years old. back when we were abroad and my parents were always attending functions, i loved seeing my parents all dressed up. but i could not picture myself being in their shoes. i hate functions and all the formalities that come with it. u also have to smile alot, make small talks with arrogant people and eat very little.

that reminds me..what am i doing in this profession?

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