Friday, December 09, 2005

baby detected!

visited the gov clinic at putrajaya for my appointment. the waiting was such a hassle. we came in at 10.15am and only got to see the doctor at 3pm!! imagine that! we really do have a terrible shortage of doctors. anyway, the wait was worth it cuz when my turn came, i witnessed the miracle of life.. it was amazing! my baby finally made an appearance and i could see it's heartbeat on the rhythmical!! it was the best feeling! alhamdulillah... Thank You Allah.. my prayers have been answered..

however, what's alarming is that i'm bleeding dark brown.. it was dark red in the morning and turned a horrid brown in the evening. i wish the doc would give me bedrest, then i wouldn't have to be up and about. even driving is supposed to be bad in my condition. think i'll see Dr. Bala bout this. seems he comes in highly reccomended. and he's specialist clinic is nearby in kajang. so shouldn't be a prob.

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