Saturday, November 19, 2005

over and done

that's right, i'm over and done with statistics and research methodology. phew!! killer subjects! nearly cracked answering the exam questions.. thank goodness the ordeal's over. next week is module khusus and i have to study HRM yet again - not my favourite. and tonnes of programmes lined up for the remaining two weeks of DPA which includes explorace. exciting u say? not in my condition..

baby is growing merrily and swimming gracefully (yep, fetuses swim in ur womb).. i'm planning to buy 'a child is born'by lennart nilsson since it features fantastic fetus pictures. u can view a few of it on they're amazing, i'm telling u!!

also, for book lovers (k.raz!!) i reccomend u visit u'll be totally swept away (no guarantee)by the ingenious concept of book sharing.

ok, have to do my washing!! will be going to kids fair at midvalley and am planning to watch the new harry porter movie with hubby(if we're lucky - expecting a tremendously long queue).

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