Saturday, October 15, 2005

Buying Furnitures and Trying for a Baby

i'm crazy about furnitures these days. i can't stop flipping through catalogs (IKEA) and sketching out my house plan and where to place the furnitures in our new apartment (which will only be ready august next year). terrible syndrom it is that i can't seem to concentrate during class.. haha.. alasan je..

also, i'm obsessed with counting my cycles, ovulation days and my chances of conceiving. but i've kept it all to myself.. making a fuss over it will only cause disappointments..'s still far too early in the day but i'm having hunger pangs.. arrggghh... hubby's out at the workshop with his dad.. i'm at home..abah and anwar's still fast asleep.. mama's at the surau and Amir's at school.. so i'm left to my own devices with only Rossa (her songs) to keep me company.. it's ironic that her sad songs can have an uplifting effect on me. guess it's cuz i'm not paying much attention to her lyrics.. or rather because she's indonesian i've misinterpretted her songs.. i can't figure..hmm..more thinking to do.. so poyo..


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