Friday, October 07, 2005

am i a bad person?

there are times when i reflect on my doings and i ask myself, 'am i such a bad person?' are the events of today the consequences of my past? my past actions and doings? am i being treated this way because of the way i've treated others.. an eye for an eye..a tooth for a tooth.. Allah s.w.t. is fair in his dealings.. i must repent. especially during this holy month of Ramadhan.. i haven't started fasting yet cuz it's that time of the month again..

i've been reading tony parson's man and boy..i love that book..filled with emotions.. it left me wondering what i can do to save my relationship if ever we face a problem.. when reading that book, i felt for Harry's character.. his wife could not find it in her to forgive him for his mistakes. after all that they had shared. they even brought a beautiful son to the world together. after all that they had shared, she still left him.. then later took their son with her.. where's the fairness in that? although, as a woman i should be on the wife's side but if i were in her shoes i'd be forgiving.. i forgive easily though i don't forget.. and i guess that's why it hurts so much.. i want so bad to be forgiven for my mistakes cuz i'm ever willing to forgive others.. i'm listening to Rossa's 'Pudar'..ku rasakan pudar dalam hatiku..


nazihah said...

Kak Azrina, you're the least bad person in the whole wide world! Hehe.

May this Ramadhan bring you joy and berkat. Take care.


azrina said...

thanks nazihah, i appreciate ur kind words:) happy fasting to u too!