Sunday, September 18, 2005

Give up?

just returned from the gua itik expedition (organised by UDPA). damn exhausted..injured my right palm when i fell on sharp rocks in the river.. hurts in and out..

back home, just finished washing up and all.. now mom's pestering me to have dinner and hubby says he has to send me back to the hostel no time to sit back and chill..

i feel a bout of nausea coming.. maybe i should take a pregnancy test although i just finished my period tree days ago and it seems highly unlikely.. but still, if Allah wants to give someone something, He will. so there is a tiny possibility that i'm pregnant.. i know, i know.. i've totally exhausted the subject of pregnancy to the point of annoyance.. so be it..

i'm so tired of all this training, i'm about ready to call it quits. but for the sake of my near future (i have housing loan payments to settle) i dare not. and it's bothersome.. i just want to be free.. to have the necessary resources to start on my dream project...sigh...

i lost my tourmaline bracelet at intura.. guess it was so full of negative energy, it broke free.. things happen for a reason.. think i'm gonna buy that ruby bracelet i've been eying since last week..

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