Saturday, August 27, 2005

nearly there..

i'm almost done with outdoor moduls! only have BTN training left.. then i can get on with 'mission mommy'! it's kinda funny.. there's alot that i wanna say in here.. but it's tricky cuz i don't want the wrong person stumbling across this blog and getting upset over my words.. but it's my blog for goodness sake!! *sigh* I guess there are some things which are better left unsaid... sometimes talking and revealing too much through writing can cause you plenty of trouble.. hehehe.. i'm in the process of training to become a spy! it's true too!

anyway, there's this stud muffin who's way too young but for some reason makes me melt like hot fudge.. as a married woman, i have to keep my cool; try not to pay too much attention to him.. however, in the process i appear to become miss ice queen which i'm not cuz i'm such a warm, loving person....oh what the heck.. better safe than sorry...

another thing is.. i think i make a good match-maker.. and counselour (am not bothered to check out the correct spelling, though it makes me conscious).. i've been trying to get these two friends together but it's resulted in a different chemistry which i dare not mention.. haha..i know.. i'm talking in codes.. only k. zana can figure (though she takes way too long.. and by the time she's really gotten it, i've moved on to yet another puzzling, ngada-ngada riddle.. but she doesn't mind.. and it's for that reason that she's become my aura buddy no.2 (no. 1 is lya - girls category)..

-inspector azrina signing off for now.

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