Saturday, August 20, 2005


i'm so tired... and sad.. cuz i have to join a new group and won't be with k.zana and k. siti.. it was really fun at bomba acadamy cuz we all got to be roommates.. we were officially 'The NAs" (cuz our names have 'na' whether in the beginning or the end).. k. siti is maman.. and k. zana, ma grand soeur.. i was sobbing when we had to part.. i'll miss you two... if only i can swap places with aiza.. she wants to be in my new sidang cuz k. husna's there.. and i want to be in her sidang cuz k.zana'z there...arghhhh...if only things were different... oh well.. i'll just have to learn to make new friends.. and fast..

gotta go.. hubby's waiting impatiently to go out..

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