Saturday, August 13, 2005

i'm gonna be a firefighter..

that's right. starting tomorrow, we'll be checking in at the firefighter training centre in kuala khubu baru.. hmm what with the haze and all, we have alot at hand..

hubby's not at home as he has to attend cousins wedding at taiping.. slept alone last nite.. tossed n turned a bit as was hot and sweaty.. have already gotten used to the airconditioned hostels at INTAN..hehehe..

our nasyid performance 2-3 nights ago didn't go too well.. we didn't harmonise.. out of of tune..and lead singer forgot her lyrics.. plus our tempo was way too fast.. it was frustrating but funny at the same time.. i guess we were all too nervous .. plus we didn't have time for dinner cuz we had to practise.. oh well! all in good spirit!

it's really sad that we have to break into new sidangs... now i don't get to be with k. zana any more.. k.zana's like my bestfriend now.. she's my sista and buddy.. and we get along real well cuz she's the calm, peaceful type.. and i'm the scatterbox with too much on my mind, i feel like popping.. so we balance each other out.. i hope she gets married this december... then we can become moms together..

i honestly thought that i was pregnant until this morning.. my period was irregular.. i was having headaches and felt like vomiting.. and my stomache's still bloated.. must be both the PMS and the haze.. the air is clearing up though, which is good news.. i can't stand the haze.. the last time we had terribly haze (when i was in secondary school), i passed out. it was mostly for psychological reasons.. cuz i imagined not being able to breath..and then it affected me physically.. afterall, it's ur mind that controls ur physical being, right?.. but now that i'm more mentally aware, it affects me less..

raggedy anne.. how r u? haven't heard from u in ages.. hope ur in good health..:)

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