Sunday, August 07, 2005

outward bound school

phew... i'm nearly done with outside modules for this term. only have to complete bomba (what horror!) which will be on the following week..

i must say i enjoyed going to OBS (or now known as Outward Bound Malaysia - OBM). We got the sea activity package so it involved kayakking and wailing (on the wailer). I love the sea! and the view we get from OBS of the Pangkor Island... lovely..

the only downside is that i'm sunburned! the skin on my right hand is peeling.. but thanks to bodyshops' vitamin E lotion it's looking better..

i'm having writers block.. too many outdoor activity does that to me.. i haven't read a book in ages.. i'm trying to read Marian keyes's 'under the duvet' but there's too much distraction.. 40 -page assigments to complete.. household chores.. entertaining friends, family and in-laws.... preparation for 'malam kesenian islam' and inter-sidang debate competition (haven't started on reserach!)........ t's overwhelming really...

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