Friday, July 01, 2005

i need to sleep..

i'm back home for the weekend.. as usual, am exhausted from the hectic schedule, i feel like throwing up..and we haven't even started on the tough modules!! ok, so i've volunteered to take on some responsibilities (produce two articles for magazine , research for debate team and sing with nasyid team for 'mlm kesenian islam') and to add to that we have to prepare a 40-page research paper on the kampung where we will be staying at for two weeks starting this coming monday.. arrgghhh... but i had to volunteer! cuz it felt good!! hehehe..

tonite, i must rest.. (i need my beauty sleep too Azreen;)) and wake up to another bz day tomorrow..

Anne, i'm not pregnant! take care of ur baby;) december will come before u know it!