Friday, June 03, 2005

malacca trip..part 1

believe or not, i'm home!! wasn't supposed to be a long vacation. my budget only allowed us a one night stay at the Equatorial Hotel using my work ID to get government servant rates (huge discounts!). the view from our hotel room was splendid despite the discount. From our room on the 8th floor u can see the whole city light up at night. and during the day, a glimpse of the sea can be seen as if outlining half of the city. beautiful... the only downside was the deafening screeching of birds as they flock to their nests at sun-set and sun-rise. and becuz of that, we never have our windows open for fear of birds straying from their trail and ending up in our room. now that would be nasty.

i'll spare you the details of the teeny-whiney hassle i had with the hotel's front office staff. let's just say they weren't exactly friendly... so by the time we got nicely settled in, i was all huffy n puffy with fury.. it wasnt a great state to be in.. my plan was to take my aura pic that same evening so i needed to be in a positive state of mind.. i tried my best to regain composure..

*ok, i have to stop now cuz my fave reality show is on. will continue later.. that is, if others don't hog this pc*

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